Convert PDF Documents to Image

Exists any complimentary API readily available to transform PDF to image. No GhostView/Scrip or Adobe utility

since to use it I have to execute its utility etc, I am looking for dll which I can add in

my job as a referral and utilize it, without executing any uitility.

Or, any code by which I can read PDF and convert that to Image?

You can do that utilizing PDFLibNet.
It’s heavy however works like an appeal.
Here you can discover a short article on how to utilize that library. With that library you can draw out an image from every page and do exactly what you please with that. More: the page is rendered to zoom element you please, so it’s not scaled but it’s drawn using vectorial objects.

I wish to convert PDF pages into PNG, JPEG/JPG or GIF. (But not to thumbnails. I need them in regular sizes).

How can I do it utilizing C#. Exactly what are the readily available libraries in order to accomplish this?

This tool from the ImageMagick can work for you.

I want to convert pdf’s pages to png format. I know my code is not proper however I couldn’t find exactly what to do. I desire to utilize iTextSharp only.

You are making the assumption that iText can transform PDF syntax (vector information) to an image (raster image). That presumption is wrong. iText does not convert PDF to images!

You are using the GetPageContent() technique. This method get the material stream of a page. That content stream includes operators and operands that change the graphics state and the text state, and, by doing so, specify exactly what is drawn on a page.

This page stream is far from sufficient to draw a page, given that each page likewise refers to plenty of resources:.

Images are normally kept in different PDF things. The page stream refers to them, however doesn’t include them.
Part of the syntax can be kept in an external item, referred to as a Kind XObject. The page stream refers to these external objects, but doesn’t include them.
Annotations (such as widget annotations for kind fields, text annotations, …) aren’t part of the page stream. Annotations are added as a layer on top of the page. The/ Annots entry of the page dictionary describes the annotations on a specific page.
Font styles are never ever part of the page stream. The syntax refers to a typeface by a name that is an entry of the/ Fonts entry of the page resources.

Is there any way, I can transform HTML File (file not URL) to Image, or PDF to image?

I am able to do the above utilizing Ghostscript DLL, Is there any other method, I can do it, without using the Ghostscript DLL?

I am developing a C# Windows Application.

ImageMagick, you ought to likewise look at this powerful and easily offered tool. It’s capable of doing exactly what you desire as well as supplies some.NET bindings (in addition to bindings to a number of other languages).

Was LibPDF recommended based entirely on a Google search? The code sample offered is just copied from their page. The issue is that, up until now as I can inform, this library does not work. I tinkered it for an hour or two with no success. There are several individuals posting in the problems log that they can not get it to work either.

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