How to read MS Word documents using MFC?

you might make use of Open XML SDK for it. We used Word.Interop however it standstill occasionally, and it is certainly not suggest for Microsoft, to use it as a web server edge document format, therefore Open up XML SDK permits you develops word documents on DOCX and also Open XML styles quite quickly. It permits you going effectively along with scability, assurance (the documents, if it is corrupted may be fix ), as well as another quite great qualities.

I assume the Interop installations are actually wrappers over the OLE Hands free operation interfaces. You still need to have the OLE Hands free operation web server (aka Microsoft Office) to instantiate one thing for the wrappers to wrap.

I have to perform a word document programming in c#. Exists any means to access Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word installation without putting in Microsoft word? I made an effort to put in Office Major Interop Assemblies Yet it inquire me mount Microsoft Office bundle to begin with.

Have you made an effort the PIA Redistributable for whatever variation of Office you are actually attempting to deal with?

In my case it was a treatment document, therefore my duty was actually straightforward as I was the one providing words document for consumers to load in information.

The Office 2010 PIA redistributable, as an example, carries out not listing Office as a need (however certainly that can be an error in the Unit Criteria segment).

You may wish to take into consideration making use of words Hands free operation Class for VC++/ MFC, which is actually based upon the Microsoft Excel Computerization Lesson (a slot of AutoXL in the Excel 97 Programmer’s Kit). It needs to benefit all models of MS Word (2003/2007 included).

One challenge here is to read the formatting information, reviewed examination inside a Desk etc. It would possess been a lot easier if it were actually simple stream reading.

Details I can discover on the MS assistance web site and Google is definitely out-of-date, and I require partner with on Word 2003 or 2007.

For this to work, your word document need to be actually prepped maintaining this in thoughts. Certainly not any sort of generic word document can easily be actually read through like this.

Though this might not be a worthwhile service since word should be put up.

( I am making use of Open Office instead) However I really want to build an application which has to work with word files. I tried to mount PIA-2003 and PIA-2007 yet each demands Microsoft Office deal to be set up in prior.

You can easily use OLE hands free operation to speak straight to ms word:

I am actually operating on a venture using VC++/ MFC and I require to read through data coming from Word documents. I have actually Googled, but can’t discover any realistic solutions.

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