How to set HTML to clipboard in C#?

desire to place wealthy message in HTML on the clipboard thus when the customers paste to Word, it will include the resource HTML format.

Using the Clipboard.SetText strategy does not operate.

Also, I would certainly just like that if individuals insert in to a rich editor like Word it are going to insert formatted text, as well as if they mix into a plain publisher like Notepad it are going to mix simple text message.

When specifying HTML text, you require to give a header along with additional info to what piece of the html you actually wish to paste while being actually able to offer additional designating around it:

Note that you may blend these information exporters with information generators – as you have actually found out, Resharper possesses some primary assistants, but there are additionally a lot even more state-of-the-art tools to carry out this details duty, including GhostDoc (for C#/ VB code with XML paperwork) or even my addin Atomineer Pro Paperwork (for C#, C++/ CLI, C++, C, VB, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, JScript, PHP, Unrealscript code including XML, Qt, doxygen or javadoc information).

To manage HTML and also clear text inserts, you can’t utilize the Clipboard.SetText method, as it gets rid of the clipboard each opportunity it’s called; you need to produce a DataObject case, contact its SetData method as soon as with HTML and also the moment with simple content, and also at that point specified the contest clipboard using Clipboard.SetDataObject.

Doxygen or Sandcastle assistance submit builder are the primary tools that will certainly remove XML information in to HTML (as well as other forms) of exterior records.

You have to use CF_HTML., as well as at that point CF_HTML along with the HTML header and records, as in Arthur’s example.

Along with the header (and proper indexes), naming Clipboard.SetText with TextDataFormat.Html will suffice.

You can easily generate the XML records documents using either the command-line compiler or through the Visual Studio interface. To define a different documents label, use/ doc: data.

just tried utilizing this technique on my own, and also the numbers are actually simply byte offsets from the get go of the content. When the worths are actually set the offsets remain proper, padding the varieties at the left is suggested so that. That is actually, utilize a placeholder like 012345 and also after that change those placeholders after reviewing the final offsets, including by utilizing IndexOf() or similar functionalities, yet be actually sure to make use of the exact same variety of characters for the values, therefore padding with no.

If you are making use of the Visual Studio user interface, there’s a setting that handles whether the XML documentation report is actually created. Locate “Generate XML documents file” at the base of the home window, and create certain it is actually checked. It generates an XML report using the exact same name as well as course as the setting up.

I suppose there need to be a means to use these reviews to make HTML documents like those done by Doxygen or Javadoc. Just how do I perform that?

I’m currently working with a C# venture and VisualAssist produces these elaborate/// <summary></summary> remarks for me and also I have actually been using them do document my code.

it and many various other remedies I have located perform certainly not seem to place just about anything right into the HTML formatted clipboard. It simply stays unfilled, also if the data item looks to have the appropriate formatting for it is actually html.

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